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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Dell Launches Linux PCs, Inks Deal with Wal-Mart

Me in WinInfo:
Today, Dell will launch three Linux-based consumer-oriented PCs in the US market only, fulfilling its promise to offer the open source solution on a limited basis by the end of May. The PCs include both notebook and desktop models and run the Ubuntu 7.04 distribution of Linux. Additionally, Dell announced that retailing giant Wal-Mart will begin selling its Windows-based PCs, the first time the company's products would be made widely available through a mass market retailer.
Maybe I should have waited a few days on that Dell PC, just to see what the Linux preinstall looks like. Ah well.

On a related note, FedEx actually delivered that recently ordered Dell PC to my house yesterday. This is a rather astonishing turnaround time, given that I ordered the PC on Tuesday: It arrived less than two days later. (And I only paid for ground shipping, too.) Credit Dell for making PCs in the US. By comparison, press darling Apple makes a big point of how it "designs" its hardware in California, but everything they make (Macs, iPods, etc.) ships from the dark wilds of China. Where, I'm sure, the human rights abuses are kept to an absolute minimum.

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