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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Dell To Offer Ubuntu Linux

So I guess it's official now:
Canonical and Dell are pleased to announce a partnership to offer Ubuntu 7.04 on select desktop and notebook products. This is a tremendous step forward for Ubuntu, our users and customers.

We believe that Dell’s decision is a strong endorsement of Ubuntu and to the work of many in coding, translating and promoting open source software. It is also testament to the demand that exists for Ubuntu.

Canonical is honoured to play a leading role in making Linux more widely available to everyone.
Two comments here:

1. Desktop Linux isn't going to set the world on fire at Dell or any other PC maker.

2. If Dell feels it must offer any version of Linux, Ubuntu is the way to go. I'm glad they at least picked the right distribution. (I know Dell will offer other Linux versions as well.)

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