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Thursday, May 03, 2007

The French have much to teach us. Too bad Americans don't listen

I guess I missed this when it was first published a month ago, but this Newsweek article nicely summarizes my feelings about France and, possibly, life:
What it means to be French. Americans don't have it. When we talk about being American, we use words like liberty, freedom, opportunity. Compared with the French, we treat our country like a stock pick. We're high on it when it's high, down on it when it's having some rough quarters. But the French love of country is just that: a love of the physical place, the earth, la France profonde. When Americans hear French people talk about the local cheese, or the specific terroir of a wine, we roll our eyes and head to the Olive Garden, or some other generic transcontinental chain. But as a French friend of mine asked once, "You always talk about American individualism. If you're all so individual, why do you all eat the same hamburgers?"

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