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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Harry McCracken Returns to PC World

And just like that, the forces of good win out over the forces of evil/those who would let advertisers run the editorial agenda:
In a surprise announcement, Robert Carrigan, president of IDG Communications, told PC World's staff today that "Harry McCracken has decided to remain with PC World as vice-president, editor in chief."

"[In advertiser's back pocket] Colin Crawford will be rejoining the IDG management team as executive vice president, online. In this role, he will be responsible for driving IDG's online strategy and initiatives in support of our Web-centric business focus," Carrigan said. "We will conduct a search for a new CEO to lead PC World and Macworld."

McCracken tendered his resignation on April 30 after Crawford refused to allow publication of a story entitled "10 Things We Hate About Apple." McCracken said that the story was killed (it is now running on because of Crawford's concerns about the impact it would have on Apple advertising. Crawford denied that was the reason for killing the story, but has since apologized to the editorial staff for the decision.
Read: He lied.

Congrats, Harry.


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