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Monday, May 21, 2007

Is Intel trying to torpedo the OLPC?

Larry Dignan in ZDNet Blogs:
Nicholas Negroponte, head of the One Laptop Per Child project, blasted Intel for trying to usurp any momentum his effort is getting.

Negroponte’s argument delivered via 60 Minutes: Intel was pitching its wares and a cheap PC dubbed the Classmate to torpedo the OLPC effort, which needs 3 million orders to start manufacturing.

I happened to catch 60 Minutes as I was flipping through channels and admit I was torn by the whole story, which even included a 60 Minutes gotcha moment–documents Intel was sending to OLPC potential customers touting its chips. The OLPC uses AMD chips.

“Intel should be ashamed of itself,” Negroponte says. “It’s just – it’s just shameless.”
I watched 60 Minutes last night and I have to say, I found Negroponte far more credible than Intel's CEO. Clearly, Intel, which had belittled the OLPC project repeatedly, later jumped into this market solely to prevent Negroponte from selling AMD-based hardware to third world countries. Meanwhile, all Intel has really accomplished is preventing Negroponte, who is clearly and blatantly acting solely out of charity--OLPC is non-profit--from fulfilling his dream of spreading computing around the world. Intel should be ashamed of itself. This is an outrage.


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