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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Microsoft’s Vista fails to stop Apple Mac OS popularity?

Microsoft has on a number of occasions reported that Vista sales are strong, higher than expected, and that Vista is doing much better than XP did when it was launched. What it never talks about is how Vista is affecting the Apple Mac OS market. There certainly seems to be evidence that the Macintosh is only getting more popular, despite the launch of Vista.

Today, at the WinHEC 2007 trade show, Microsoft announced that, as of last week, there is an installed based of 40 million Windows Vista users. Microsoft Bill Gates, in his keynote address at the show, even implicitly mentioned how well Vista is doing compared to the Mac. As I noted today in WinInfo (which I have to quote here as the talk transcript isn't yet up), Gates said that "within its first five weeks of availability, there were already more Vista users worldwide than there are for any non-Microsoft operating system. The message is clear if not explicitly stated: The Mac may get all the positive press, but Vista surpassed the entire Mac user base in just over a month."

Yeah, I get it. The Mac is fine. But don't pretend that Vista hasn't had an effect on the world and, yes, on the Mac. The blog post referenced above is just silly: There are real numbers that support Vista's success, and then there's anecdotal info ("the percentage of online Macs running Apple’s operating system has climbed from the long-flat 3 per cent to 5.6 per cent") that, um, doesn't really prove much at all. You can decide which is more relevant, of course.

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