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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Palm Foleo

Palm blog:
Some of you may have seen late last night or early this morning information about the Palm Foleo.Now it's "officially" official. And no, the Palm Foleo is not a plane, train or portable waffle maker. It's a smartphone companion that has a large screen and full-size keyboard (which makes email and working with documents much easier), Wi-Fi, and an on/off button that actually does just that...instant on, instant off (i.e. no boot up).

More details can be found here:

The Palm Foleo, Palm’s First Mobile Companion Product

Palm Advances Mobile Computing with Its First Mobile Companion Product

Check back for more info on the Palm Foleo during the coming weeks.

Paul Loeffler - Palm, Inc.
Against my better judgment, I'm actually curious. It looks like a small laptop, which suggests I won't be able to use it, given my huge hands. I wonder what the battery life is like? If it's good, this could be a road warrior's dream tool. Or it could be the next Sony eVilla. It's hard to say. I wonder what the battery life is really like.

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