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Thursday, May 03, 2007

PC World editor resigns over apparent ad pressure

Award-winning Editor-in-Chief Harry McCracken of PC World resigned Tuesday over disagreements with the magazine's publisher regarding stories critical of advertisers, according to sources.

McCracken, reached Wednesday evening, confirmed that he resigned after 12 years at the magazine and 16 years at publisher International Data Group, over disagreements with management. He declined to comment on the nature of those disagreements.

But three sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, told CNET that McCracken informed staffers in an afternoon meeting Wednesday that he decided to resign because Colin Crawford, senior vice president, online, at IDG Communications, was pressuring him to avoid stories that were critical of major advertisers.

Wired News reported Wednesday evening that McCracken quit after Crawford killed a draft story titled "Ten Things We Hate About Apple."
Good for Harry, who's a great guy and, evidently, has a lot of guts. Bad for PC World, which just became a heck of a lot less interesting. And bad, frankly, for Apple: It's insane desire to constantly control the messaging raises its ugly head so often these days (witness: Suing blogs, trying to prevent publication of "iCon," and so on) that the company just seems diabolical. That Crawford is an ex-Macworld guys speaks volumes, by the way. This whole thing is just sad.


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