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Monday, May 07, 2007

Yahoo untangles licensing web for lyrics service

A new music lyrics service launched by Yahoo illustrates the potential and the challenges of integrating lyrics into digital music products today.

At Yahoo and elsewhere, lyrics remain a notable omission from digital music files either purchased or acquired through subscription models. Not only do consumers not receive song lyrics with their download, they can't search for songs by lyrics within Yahoo Music Unlimited or any other digital music service including iTunes.
Two things.

1. Yahoo! Music is still in business?

b. Getting lyrics with digital music would be nice, but isn't necessary. As the father of a deaf son, I'd have to say that there are far bigger issues with these services right now. For starters, how is it even legal in the US to distribute digital TV shows and movies with out closed captioning? Apple--and anyone else that does this--should be ashamed of themselves for ignoring this. Song lyrics? Pfft. Please. Let's get our priorities straight.

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