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Friday, June 01, 2007

Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac

3D support? Yikes... Parallels:

Completely Seamless User Experience:

* Cross OS application & file integration with Parallels SmartSelect
* Offline access to virtual machine files with Paralles Explorer
* Coherence 2.0, including shared folders and UI enhancements
* Linux Tools for seamless integration betwen Mac OS X and Linux

Native Hardware Experience

* 3D graphics support to play the hottest games and run the most popular applications
* Expanded support for USB 2.0 devices
* USB connection assistant quickly connects you to your OS of choice
* Shared printers for cross OS printing
* Significantly enhancements performance and audio quality

Protection against Mishaps

* Hit a problem? Quickly and easily go back in time to a clean VM state
* Bulletproof your VMs with SnapShots
* Control the levels of integration and isolation with Security Manager
* Make your virtual machine read-only
* Get virus and spyware protection with a FREE 6-month Kaspersky subscription trial
Thanks Matt.


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