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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quake 4 running in Parallels 3.0

Last Friday Ben Rudolph, Parallel's Director of Corporate Communications, posted some screenshots of Halflife 2 running in Parallels 3.0 on his MacBook Pro. Parallels, for those who might not know, is virtualization software that lets you run a variety of OSes within OS X including Windows. Pictures sure are pretty, but the proof is in the video (a great man once said that), and so Ben has posted a video of Quake 4 running on a Mac in Parallels (I am going to assume he used his MacBook Pro for this as well, but he never mentions it so it could be running on a Mac Pro).
This is fascinating on a number of levels, even if you do need a very high-end Mac to make it work. However, my overall opinion is that the average Mac user would be better served by getting a dedicated gaming machine--like an Xbox 360, PS3, or even a PSP, if you're a road warrior)--than by trying to run PC games under an emulator. Still. The fact that this is possible at all is amazing.

Thanks Matt.

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