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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vista isn’t Me2, it’s Win95 + 12 years

If I had a Windows blog, I would have highlighted this there, but I don't. Regardless, this Ed Bott missive is right-on and a good read, especially if you're one of those guys that desperately wants to believe that Vista is a failure:
In certain circles, it’s become fashionable of late to refer to Windows Vista as Windows Me2. It’s the second-worst insult you can hurl at a Microsoft program (the worst is to compare it to Microsoft Bob, neatly summarized as “7th place in PC World Magazine’s list of the 25 worst products of all time and [named] worst product of the decade by” in 2005.).

Windows Vista is no Bob, as Steve Ballmer has said publicly, on the record. But if you believe the comparison, Vista is heading down a path roughly the same as Windows Millennium Edition (aka Windows Me).

So does Windows Vista deserve the Me2 label? After a careful look back at my Windows history books, I see Vista heading down a different path. In fact, I’m struck by how similar Vista’s path so far has been to the one that Windows 95 traveled.

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