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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Who in Their Right Mind Would Run Safari on Windows?

I hate agreeing with Leander Kahney given the whole slander thing, but the man makes a good point here:
There's only one problem -- Safari sucks. A lot of Mac users won't run the browser (I'm one of them), so why would anyone run it on Windows?

On my Mac, Safari is buggy and unreliable. It's always crashing, and it doesn't offer basic features like remembering all the tabs you have open after you quit (or more likely, after it crashes). Until now, it didn't even warn you before closing multiple tabs, although the new version of Safari fixes this.
And it's worse on Windows. There are a number of issues.

1. Firefox rules. There's a huge ecosystem of add-ons available, and it just works the way you want it to, no matter what that might be.

2. Safari is buggy. It does crash constantly on Windows, at least so far.

2. Safari is not customizable. Unlike Firefox, you can't meld Safari to your own style.

3. Safari is not compatible. I rely on Google's Web-based tools, especially Gmail, Blogger, and Picasa Web Albums, and while I get a first-class experience in Firefox, these services treat Safari like Netscape 4.0 and turn off all the cool new features. Unacceptable.

I could go on, but you get the point. When using a browser limits what you can do online, you don't use it. Simple. Hopefully, Apple will address these issues and I can reassess the situation. But right now, Safari is a non-starter.

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