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Monday, July 23, 2007

CinemaNow updates Media Manager with Xbox 360 support, new Vista options

Ars Technica:
Movie website CinemaNow has released an update to its Media Manager software that enhances the software's capability in two significant ways. Xbox 360 owners who've networked the system to a PC with Media Manager installed can now download movies to the PC and watch them on their televisions by using the XBox 360 as a pass-through device. Also available in the update is new support for the CinemaNow Burn-to-DVD feature in Windows Vista.

The company's current plan seems to be to extend its playback abilities to as many various devices and systems as possible, with support for Portable Media Players (PMPs) from Archos and built-in support for HP's upcoming line of MediaSmart LCD televisions.
I first tested PC-based movie services like MovieLink and CinemaNow several years ago, and long before Apple had any aspirations in the movie business, let alone music. It's astonishing to me that they're still trudging along, but then they do continue to offer features you can't get from iTunes.

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