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Monday, July 30, 2007

E-mail: Be Less Annoying

Steve Bass, an all-around nice guy, shows up with some good advice:
I've come to the conclusion that everyone needs to take a test before being able to use e-mail. No, I'm serious.

You have to take an e-mail test. If you pass, you get an e-mail license. Proudly hang it on the wall. If you screw up -- break any of Bass's e-mail regs by, say, sending lots of message with blank subject lines -- and your license is pulled. You go on probation and attend mandatory remedial e-mail sessions.

You think I'm kidding, right? Don't test me, okay? Because I have a laundry list of ways people drive me wild with annoying e-mail behaviors. I wrote about a few in Get Relief From Annoying E-Mail, my Hassle-Free PC print column. But I have more (and God help you if you're one of the offenders). Dig in...
I wish there was a passive aggressive way to send this one to a few friends. Ah well.

Follow-up: E-mail: Be Less Annoying, Part II

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