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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hotmail Fails To Deliver Up To 81% Of All Attachment Emails

Since Microsoft took over Hotmail in January 1998, almost a full decade ago, Hotmail users have decried the loss of attachment emails.

Microsoft has forever denied this. Hotmail's delivery statistics are next to perfect and there is no discrimination against attachments, they've said for almost a decade. And for almost a decade they have been making millions of Gigabytes of documents, spreadsheets and photos of grandma's quilts disappear.

There is simply no excuse for ripping off users who have paid a significant fee to obtain the reliability and confidence which the Microsoft brand should deliver. Either that, or it may be time to ask the DOJ to step in and investigate what could be a multi-billion dollar scam.
I think what I enjoy most about this story is the obvious time and effort that someone went to with that toilette graphic.

But the big question, of course, is whether this is true or simply libelous. It's unclear how we can trust the data at face value. Certainly, the story reads like it was written by a teenager seeking employment at The Register.
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