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Friday, July 20, 2007

How to add custom ringtones/system sounds to the iPhone

Hack the iPhone:
Custom ringtones are one of the biggest requests by people that want to modify their iPhone to make it unique. This page will teach you how to add your own files to the iPhone to use as a ringtone.

I know this looks like a difficult procedure. Read it through first before performing anything. Once you have all the files downloaded, and have put them all in the same folder, this is a 4 minute process. Seriously. Download the files that I link to on this site. There are many versions of Jailbreak and iPhoneInterface. The build numbers were not consistent. You could have problems if you got your files elsewhere but use these instructions.

There is obviously some risk involved here, but everyone we know of has been able to restore their iPhone by using iTunes. I've heard no report of anyone damaging their iPhone by doing this. However, if your iPhone becomes unresponsive to restoration via iTunes, then you may have to seek repair or replacement through Apple Inc., or AT&T. Pay careful attention to the instructions here. We are NOT responsible for your results. You are assuming all risks.
Note that this link is for Windows users. Intel Mac users should look here.


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