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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Performance regressions lead Mozilla to delay Firefox 3 beta, change roadmap

Ars Technica:
The first official Firefox 3 beta release was tentatively scheduled for late July. The beta has now been pushed back due to performance regressions and the need for extra front-end development time, and the roadmap has been altered to reflect a new release plan. According to Mike Schroepfer, Mozilla's vice president of engineering, the developers intend to issue a new pre-beta milestone release every six weeks until the program achieves beta status.

"We are driven by quality, not time. We want to Firefox 3 to be something that we are all proud of," said Schroepfer in a statement. "The Firefox front-end has had significantly less development time than the platform and has yet to have the opportunity to innovate on top of infrastructure built for places, password manager, and others. So we'd like to give them until M8 to continue to develop user-visible features on top of the core infrastructure."

A release is still scheduled for the end of the month, but it will be referred to as Alpha 7 and will not meet Mozilla's requirements for the beta designation. According to the revised roadmap, the Alpha 7 release will coincide with the Gecko feature freeze. Gecko 1.9, a long-awaited update to the HTML rendering engine used in Firefox, uses the Cairo rendering engine and features greatly improved reflow code.
Hopefully, Firefox 3 will be more a dramatic update than was Firefox 2. Obviously, I'm a huge Firefox fan and advocate, but Mozilla needs to ensure that major upgrades include the functional improvements to justify the 3.0 designation.


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