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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Review of the TiVo HD Digital Media Recorder

TiVo Lovers (?) offers up an overly complex but interesting review of TiVo's latest HD offering, which is surprisingly affordable:
The TiVo HD is a member of the Series3 family, but it differs in several ways from the original unit. TiVo’s main objective in producing the new unit is to lower the cost of the box, allowing for a lower retail price. While the original Series3 has an MSRP of USD$799.99, the new unit is only USD$299.99.

So, what did TiVo sacrifice to lower the cost of the unit? Actually, not a lot. And what they did drop will probably not be missed by most users - especially when their wallet is $500 heavier. Contrary to various rumors, the TiVo HD is still a dual-tuner, high-definition unit. It handles analog and digital cable as well as analog and digital antenna signals (NTSC and ATSC). Functionally, the TiVo HD is pretty much just like the Series3, only with a 160GB drive instead of 250GB.
As a Media Center user since the first XP Media Center Edition beta in March 2002, I have to say I'm curiously attracted to this device. I'd order one right now if only to review it, but we're leaving for France on Monday and will be gone a month, so it will have to wait. Anyway, it looks good.

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