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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Statistics, Mac OS and Windows

CNET covers the NetApplications silliness I was looking at the other day:
Vista share is up to about 4.5 percent of Web users from virtually nothing in February, while Mac OS share has slipped from 6.38 percent in February to 6 percent in June, with the implication that Vista is eating into Mac OS sales.

This seems in stark contrast to what others are saying. Both the NPD Group and IDC have recently reported that Apple's Mac shipments have outpaced the overall market in the first half of the year.

Vince Vizzaccaro, executive vice president of marketing for Net Applications, said his company's network of 400,000 Web sites mostly includes small and medium-size businesses, but also a few consumer-oriented powerhouses like Best Buy. Net Applications makes software called Hitslink that lets those sites track what types of computer users are coming to their sites, and reports the aggregate data amassed by all of its clients.

Vizzaccaro thinks his company's data is more immediate than market share data, in that in can show trends more quickly than shipment data.
Still no discussion about whether NetApplication's surveyed computers are in the US or not.

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