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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ed Bott puts the hurt on Peter Gutmann

Ed Bott is tough. But he does things like this time and I just want to hug the guy. OK, I'd never actually get that close to Ed Bott. But seriously, this is good stuff:
Is it bad reporting, bad research, or something worse?

That’s the question I asked myself when I read this NetworkWorld account of Peter Gutmann’s presentation at the Usenix Security Symposium last week. Gutmann is a researcher in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Auckland in New Zealand who specializes in encryption (on his home page, he describes himself as a Professional Paranoid).

Gutmann generated a lot of heat last December with the publication of a paper that called Windows Vista’s Content Protection scheme “the longest suicide note in history.” He updated it in April, mostly to call his critics names, and he updated it yet again yesterday with a top-of-the-page slam at my ZDNet colleague George Ou, who took exception with some of Gutmann’s claims yesterday (see Claim that Vista DRM causes full CPU load and global warming debunked!).

Gutmann has a flair for melodramatic language and headline-grabbing phrases, but his theoretical arguments against Vista’s video subsystem fall apart quickly when they make contact with the real world.
It goes on from there. Read it. Get the truth. And understand that this Peter Gutmann character is just an attention fiend and nothing more. Time to move on, people.

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