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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Electronic Arts delays OS X games

Mac users are still waiting two months after game maker Electronic Arts promised to increase its development efforts for the Mac OS X platform.

Executives from the world's largest games developer promised simultaneous launches on Windows and OS X platforms at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference last June.

They specifically mentioned the launch of Madden NFL 08, but no OS X version was available when the game went on sale on 14 August.

The launch included versions for Sony's PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable, Microsoft's Xbox, Xbox 360 and Windows, and Nintendo's Wii and GameCube.
So... Whatever.

Look, the Mac is not a games platform, it just isn't. And while the switch to Intel processors has no doubt done wonderful things for Apple and the Mac, turning the Mac into a game machine isn't one of them. The most recent evidence of this, of course, is the newly-release iMac. It has received positive reviews everywhere and is positively stunning looking, but Apple, because of its mad need to keep it as thin as possible (for aesthetic, not usability reasons), cannot put a decent video card in these machines. So yeah, you can top it off with a Core 2 Duo Extreme processor, but you're still using last year's mid-range ATI video card, and there's no way to upgrade it.

Not. A. Game. Machine.

So what's a Mac user to do? Well, you can forget about this EA silliness, for starters, and grab yourself a real video game machine, like an Xbox 360 or a PS3. Heck, I was a diehard PC gamer for years, and even I've gone the console route, despite the huge supply of PC games. There's some great stuff out there on the consoles, and unlike with the Mac, you never have to wonder when or if it's going to actually happen.

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