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Friday, August 17, 2007

Having fun with headlines ... "En France" edition

It's that time again...

What Apple's iWork moves mean for Office
Absolutely nothing?

Did Electronic Arts Lie to Mac Gamers?

iWeb 2.0.1
LOL. That was quick.

Vista puts Mac OS X font rendering to shame
And George Ou prepares for his latest round of hate mail from the zealots.

iWork '08 - no Office killer 'cause it's not supposed to be
It's just an AppleWorks killer.

Apple Takes a Step Back With iMovie ’08
OMFG. Did David Pogue actually just criticize Apple?

Wii beats iPhone with biggest ever launch buzz
No offense, but the Xbox 360 and PS3 launches were just as big. And the excitement around the latest Harry Potter book trumped them all.

iPhone Touch Keyboard Lags Behind QWERTY
Equally obvious headline: Hitting self in face with brick hurts

Apple Expo Paris - September 25-29th. New Products?
It's definitely yes or no.

Does Hewlett-Packard PC Success Hurt Apple?
No. The reverse is true too, by the way.

What Apps Apple's iPhone Still Lacks
You can't write fast enough to complete that article, son.

Does Apple Really Listen to You?
Yes. It just doesn't listen to you.

15 things wrong with the iPhone
Part 1 of a 27 part series.

Linux Testers Wanted for EVE Online
If we can find any, we'll let you know.
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