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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

iPhone Owners: "We Like It, But..."

I'm amused that PC World has borrowed my "But..." language with regards to the iPhone:
A little more than a month after the Apple iPhone went on sale, nearly 90 percent of iPhone owners who answered a PC World survey said that they love their almost-new toy. But they also had a few complaints--most notably regarding the iPhone's voice and data networks--and lots of suggestions.

About 13 percent of our respondents said that they'd run into at least one significant problem with their device in the past month.
As I wrote back on June 30, the iPhone is fantastic, but... "because every time you want to point out something positive, you have to amend a 'but...' onto the end of it." The fanatics blasted me for this sort of heretical talk, but the truth is the truth. And in this case, the truth is that the iPhone is fantastic. But it needs a lot of work.


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