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Monday, August 27, 2007

Is Google About To Stab Apple in the Back With Google Phone?

Reports out of India suggest that Google will be releasing their rumored "Google Phone" worldwide in two weeks. The report is questionable for a number of reasons, the first of would probably have to be that it is only coming out of India, and the second of which is the unlikelihood that Google would stab their tech buddy Apple in the back by releasing a phone so soon after iPhone.
I love this assertion. How, exactly, are Google and Apple "tech buddies"? The only "partnership" we've seen to date is a single uninteresting Google Maps application on the iPhone that doesn't even all of the features of the Web version. (Gmail support in iPhone Mail doesn't count; it's just POP3.) If you really look at it, there's more and better Yahoo! stuff on the iPhone than Google stuff. And yet, we've been treated to all kinds of Apple/Google rumors, none of which were ever true. (Two examples: Google would buy Apple, and Apple would switch .Mac mail to Google Apps/Gmail.) It's amazing to me how pervasive this baloney is. Just because someone says something doesn't make it true, no matter how often its repeated around the blogosphere.

It does seem to be fairly well assumed that Google is going to release a cellphone at some point in the future - and that it might even be free thanks to advertisements that would run on it. Also fairly likely is a phone from Microsoft, which may or may not be a ZunePhone.
So, lots of good speculation there. (He even doubles up on the speculation in the first sentence, which might just be a record.) Let's forget about the Microsoft stuff, since they've been doing Windows Mobile since it was first called Windows CE back in 1996. I'm all for a gPhone or whatever they'd call it, as I'm a huge consumer of Google services. I have zero interest in advertising-based clients, however, and would gladly pay a monthly fee so as to not deal with that. But again, I have to wonder. Where do these rumors come from? And where does the rumor end and the truth begin? The rest of this post drives right off the deep end (apparently Nokia, Motorola and others are just going to lie down and die) so it gets pretty silly. But I'm intrigued by the possibility of a gPhone. Really intrigued.

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