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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Microsoft Has Itself To Blame For MTV's 'Urge' Dump

Paul McDougall at Information Week:
It's hardly surprising that MTV has dumped its 'Urge' music partnership with Microsoft and hooked up with RealNetworks and Verizon. What would you do if you got stabbed in the back?

Zune is hardwired to Microsoft's Zune store. If you want songs for your Zune, you buy them from Microsoft.

In other words, Microsoft screwed its industry partners when it launched Zune. MTV's Urge store was part of the PlaysForSure camp and I'm sure execs at the network were just waiting for the chance to get one back at Microsoft after it launched Zune without PlaysForSure compatibility.

They did this Tuesday by hooking up with Real and Verizon.

The bigger question is this: How can Microsoft ever again ask partners in the increasingly important online entertainment space to take its promises of ongoing support and compatibility seriously?
I have to say, I agree with this completely. While I understand (sort of) Microsoft's desire to go it alone with Zune, not supporting PlaysForSure in the Zune and then pretending that they intended to support both initiatives going forward was disingenuous to their partners. And let's not forget that Zune was hatched almost immediately after URGE launched. Welcome to the social, MTV.

And then there's Bizarro World, where the opposite is true: MTV Deal With Rhapsody Crushes URGE Users

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