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Monday, August 20, 2007

What happened to Firefox? (Updated)

I have the same questions and observations:
Firefox... what happened to you? Consuming gross amounts of memory, slower and slower as releases go by. You were supposed to be a slim browser usurping Mozilla by virtue of simplicity, shedding the feature creep and lack of engineering that had convoluted the Mozilla suite. Now you have become the very thing you were created to kill: a bloated browser.
Here's the thing. I really rely on Firefox now in ways I didn't just a few months ago. I manage email (Gmail), calendaring (Google Calendar), blogging (Blogger), my online photo backup (Picasa Web) and more in Firefox. It's not just a browser, it's my primary interface for much of what I do every day. And sure enough, it's getting bigger and slower. It eats memory until you close it out and restart it, which is hardly elegant. I'd can the thing if I weren't so smitten with its many excellent add-ons, which I now rely on almost as much as the browser itself.

Firefox... what the heck happened?

Update: Mozilla's Asa Dotzler dropped me a note and suggested that I check into the extensions I'm using to see whether one or more of them are the culprit. And you know... that could be it. I certainly do run a number of Google-related extensions. I'll try running vanilla Firefox via Safe Mode to see whether that's the issue.

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