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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Zoho Takes Writer Offline, Adds Comments

Zoho customers can now work with their Zoho Writer documents while offline via the new Go Offline feature in Zoho Writer. Additionally, Zoho Writer's new Comments feature lets users add contextual comments to their personal and shared documents.

The offline move is Zoho's first step toward making its online office applications available for offline use via the open source Google Gears platform. To see Zoho Writer's Go Offline feature in action, visit

"When our customers ask for new features, we do our best to implement them as quickly as possible," said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. "For Zoho Writer, we added support for nine languages last week, comments and offline support this week, and yet another significant new feature will be added next week."

Initially, Zoho users will have read-only access to their Zoho Writer documents when offline. Read/write functionality will follow shortly. Going forward, Zoho plans to bring offline capabilities to other Zoho applications.
So I had never heard of Zoho, but this is quite a bit more sophisticated than Google Docs from what I can see. I'm really coming around to the notion of Web-based productivity suites, and Google Gears (or something similar) might just be the answer to the offline issue. Interesting stuff.

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