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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Apple Fall 2007 Products: A Timeline

So it's September 5, 2007 and Apple just announced a bunch of brand new iPods and other related products. But as anyone who waited for an iPod mini back in early 2004 will tell you, an Apple announcement does not a product availability make. (Or, ahem, whatever.) So when can we actually expect to see these new products (in the US)? Here's a timeline.

iPod shuffle
Status: A hold-over from last year, but with new colors
Pricing: $79 ($1 GB)
Availability: Immediate
Apple Store delivery estimate: Within 24 hours, but green version is "not available"

iPod nano
Status: Completely redesigned hardware and software
Pricing: $149 (4 GB), $199 (8 GB)
Availability: This weekend
Apple Store shipping estimate: 1-3 business days

iPod classic
Status: Hardware is held-over from 2005, but with new software UI
Pricing: $249 (80 GB), $349 (160 GB)
Availability: This weekend
Apple Store shipping estimate: 1-3 business days

iPod touch
Status: Completely new model, based on iPhone
Pricing: $299 (8 GB), $399 (16 GB)
Availability: Late this month
Apple Store shipping estimate: By September 28

Status: 4 GB model dropped, now just a single model, otherwise unchanged
Pricing: $399 (8 GB)
Availability: Immediate
Apple Store shipping estimate: Within 24 hours

It will be interesting to see how the iPod touch availability, especially, matches Apple's promise. And let's not forget the weird new Starbucks service for the iPod touch and iPhone: According to Apple, that service will debut in New York and Seattle on October 2, 2007, and then be added to 350 Starbucks stores in the San Francisco Bay area on November 7, 2007, then 500 stores in Los Angeles in early February 2008, 300 stores in Chicago in March 2008, and additional markets throughout the US later in 2008. The service will be available throughout the US sometime in 2009.

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