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For six years, the Internet Nexus served as my technology blog, but I've since started blogging at the SuperSite Blog instead. If you're looking for the blog, please head there. --Paul

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What's next?

So I've gotten a lot email from people wondering what's up with the Nexus blog. It's a fair question. Since starting blogging over at the SuperSite for Windows, I have allowed this blog to become stale and silent. I guess there's only so much time in the day. Without getting into a history of what could'a been, I'd like to at least throw out a few thoughts about the future.

First, I think it makes sense to have a single blog, and there are good reasons why that should be on the SuperSite. For starters, I've been running the Nexus blog at a loss, somewhat deliberately, since it began over 6 years ago. That means there are no comments or forums, or whatever, because the time it would take to monitor that stuff would be prohibitive. That's not the case on the SuperSite.

That said, I know that many readers appreciate that I have a non-Microsoft-oriented forum for discussing other technologies. Understand, however, that that hasn't stopped the kiddie Apple lobbyist cabal from misunderstanding and mis-characterizing the point of this blog. I don't hate Apple or any other non-Microsoft companies, organizations or technologies. I just believe you should be able to criticize things when they're not right and point out the good things when they are, whatever the setting. That is and will be the case on the SuperSite as well, though of course just having the word "Windows" in the title puts a certain spin on things in the minds of some people. It shouldn't: I advocate for users, not Windows or Microsoft.

There are some things the Nexus is still a more appropriate forum for, and that makes it difficult for me to figure out what to do here. For example, I still have a bunch of "Everything Must Go" stuff to sell and give away (DVDs, electronics, books) and had hoped to get some of that up before now. I'm currently away so that will have to wait (hopefully next weekend), but clearly doing that through an independent blog makes more sense than trying to do it on the SuperSite, where my corporate masters might be confused about my desire to make money on the side (as paltry as that might be) using their resources. It's an understandable concern, however.


I'm not sure what to do here. I could continue blogging about non-Microsoft issues on the Nexus, I guess, but then there could be no discussion and, more importantly (to me, anyway), it would exclude the Windows-using readers of the SuperSite from learning about non-Microsoft topics.

Or I could just move it all to the SuperSite. I think that makes the most sense. But I understand why some may disagree.

Let me know which you'd prefer.


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