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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Zune 2.0 coverage on the SuperSite

Sorry for the delay since my last post here: Between traveling for the last week and starting up the new SuperSite blog, I've been a bit busy. Plus there hasn't been much going on in the Apple world, though I'm now looking at both Microsoft Office 2008 and Leopard for future write-ups. In any event, I've posted a bunch of content about the new Zunes that should be of interest. My take on this is that Microsoft will indeed by the solid number two behind Apple in the portable player market by the beginning of 2008. Things are getting interesting.

Zune 2 Preview
Zune 2 Photo Gallery
Microsoft Reveals 2nd Gen Zune, DRM-Free Music Plans (News)
Some thoughts on Zune 2.0 (Blog posting)
A Zune follow-up (Blog posting)

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