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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Overdue Everything Must Go Update

I had hoped to begin a new "Everything Must Go" update before this, but time has gotten away from me. Before I can do that, however, I need to rectify some mistakes from the last batch.

This is embarrassing, but I've heard from two people now who didn't receive DVDs they ordered from the last batch of stuff. I've had postal service issues before, and immediately suspected something along those lines, but when the second email arrived, what should have been obvious suddenly dawned on me: Maybe it was my fault.

It was. In both cases, the ordered DVDs were sitting here with DVDs that were never sold. So I'm going to send out those DVDs via first class mail this week with refunds. But if there's anyone else out there who didn't receive ordered books or DVDs, please let me know as soon as possible. Now I'm fearing I might have stranded other people, and that's obviously not the goal here.

Once this is all figured out, I'd like to get going on the next batch. Please don't email me ahead of the next posting about this stuff, as I will supply a heads-up about the posting time before it happens. But it looks like I'll have numerous Xbox 360 games and various electronics devices and accessories. I will likely be giving away a ton of PC games for the price of postage as well, since I can't imagine anyone actually paying for that stuff. There should be at least a couple of iPods, some USB 2.0 hard drives, and the like. But again, I need to straighten out the last mess first.


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