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Friday, July 18, 2008

Everything Must Go: Second major shipment is on the way

If you've paid for an item or, in the case of a book giveaway, provided a mailing address, as of last night, your shipment is probably on the way. (There are a handful of exceptions, but those will go on today or tomorrow morning.) If you're curious about how much stuff we've shipped, check out the hard work my wife did yesterday:






(All of the Everything Must Go - July 2008 photos can be found on Flickr.)


If you're curious, that mountain of boxes represents almost exactly $300 in media mail shipping costs. This is, by far, the most we've ever shipped at once.


More soon and then we should be done until the next round. I'm hoping to have another Everything Must Go in August or September, though it won't be as voluminous as this month's event.


Thanks everyone. --Paul


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