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Friday, July 11, 2008

Everything Must Go Update

Hi guys, I just wanted to provide a quick update on this month's Everything Must Go event.


I lost most of today to Apple's iPhone 3G launch, so I'm going to hold off on the next batch of stuff (PCs/notebooks, hardware, peripherals and software) so I have time to catch up. I still have a number of book-related emails to get to as well, so I will do that first, tonight. My goal is to have the next batch available Monday or Tuesday at the latest. I'll provide a heads-up before it happens.


The first shipment is on the way

I'm not sure whether I've discussed this before, but here's how the shipment stuff works: My wife does it all. :)


But seriously, she does. I organize the stuff in advance, post it to the Web, and respond to all the emails. I then create documents with shipping info for her and she does the packaging and mailing. She brought the first batch of stuff to the mail today, which consisted of the Xbox 360 and PC games and DVD movies that were paid for as of Thursday night. Here's a picture of the stuff ready to go:



Tonight, she will package up the remaining paid-for items and the set of books for which I have addresses. Those will get mailed tomorrow or Monday, depending on how things go. (Probably Monday as we're having a yard sale tomorrow.) I will catch up on EMG-related email and work a bit more on the hardware/software items to get that straightened out. Don't worry: Nothing good will end up in the yard sale. :)


More info soon...


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