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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Everything Must Go 101

I've gotten a lot of email over the past week about Everything Must Go, and because it's been a while since the last event, and because there are apparently so many new people joining in this time around, I thought it made sense to explain how this works.

At 3:00 pm EDT today, I will create a post here describing the items that I am selling and/or giving away. I do not provide a list ahead of time. Items are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. So if you see something you want, email me immediately. Please note that items are taken rather quickly, however. I will mark taken items as that happens so it's obvious. But generally speaking, I often get dozens of requests for items that were just taken. Please do not send mailing address information unless I've contacted you via email first.

Yes, you can ask for multiple items. But please do so only if you are serious and remember that the first-come, first-serve nature of this event means that you may get only some of the things you requested (or none at all).

Available items will include hardware (video game consoles, portable media players, and so on), Xbox 360 game titles, books, and so on. Items I have paid for (aside from books) are generally sold for 50 percent of their current value or less and include (slow) ground shipping, but only inside the US. If you are from outside the US, you will have to pay for shipping in addition to the listed price, and this can be expensive. Some items (video game consoles, etc.) will not be sold outside of the US, but I will mark these clearly. Books and items that I have not paid for are free plus the cost of shipping. For books, you can pay for shipping when the books arrive. For other free items, I will ask for shipping to be paid up front.

I only accept PayPal for up-front payments. Those paying for book shipping after the fact can pay with a check if they'd like.

Because of the amount of items available and my schedule (I've recently decided to accompany my brother on a hair-brained drive to Florida; we leave Sunday morning at 7:00 am), today's event will be the first of at least two, so today I will be selling/giving away the items I've been able to get together so far. I will have more next week and will provide advanced warning about the day/time. Based on feedback, it will likely be a different day of the week (probably a Sunday).

If you scroll down and look at the older articles here, you can see how previous Everything Must Go events looked like.

Hope this helps. See you at 3:00 pm. --Paul


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