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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Answering rhetorical questions and having fun with a week in the Mac blogosphere

I love the blogosphere. You know, in the same sense that I love the guy who cut me off this morning on I-95 because he thought the breakdown lane was his own special "Get to Dunkin' Donuts Free" card. Anyway. I've often wanted to do something like this, and I hope it doesn't come off too snarky, as it's meant to be fun.

Is DRM's Clock Ticking?
Yes. No. Maybe. Shoot. I should have gone for one with an obvious answer first.

Intel's roadmap puts Apple in the driver's seat
If by "driver's seat" you mean "ain't gonna have any high-end Santa Rosa features, like Robson caching, high-speed 800 MHz bus, and faster Core 2 Duo processors that the newest PCs have." You know, like the Lenovo ThinkPad T61 I'm using to make this post. Sounds more like you're in the back seat. Or the trunk.

Creating a Media Center Mac
By installing Windows Vista and Media Center on a Mac. Oh wait, I already did that one.

One year as an indie Mac developer: What I've learned
Let me guess: "Don't make anything too good. Apple will just steal it."

Enterprise backup options for the Mac looking up
In which Computerworld continues its vain attempt to show that Macs are viable in the enterprise.

Apple Recycles Macs, PCs Free
In the US only, Remy. For a limited time only.

Did Steve Jobs unveil Apple's iPhone too early?

OMG, did you just drive traffic to... gasp... MacDailyNews?

The Coming Mac Renaissance
The Year of Desktop Linux.

An apology??? I want something more from Engadget who set blogging back years for credibility and cost shareholders 4 billion!
Sorry, but you're contributing to the blogger culture that makes what Engadget did not just acceptable but, in fact, just common practice. Move along people, nothing to see here.

I Think Therefore I Won't iPhone (for now)
I think you're the smartest guy on the Web for this brief, shining moment. Enjoy that.

How can I say Google overpaid for YouTube?
Pretty easily, as it turns out.

Vista 40 Million Windows Vista License Sales in Context
There are 25 million Mac OS X users worldwide. OS X has been on the market for 6 years. That's context too, isn't it?

Apple iPhone gets FCC approval
Gentlemen, start overcharging consumers. Or... This thing works with Outlook, right?

Apple, Amazon may hold future of DRM-free music
Or... they may not. Future is cloudy. Try again later.

Apple preps first builds of Mac OS X 10.4.10 for testing
Silly rabbit thought 10.5 would come after 10.4.9.

iTunes is Great for Buying, Not for Organizing
Actually, the reverse is true. If you're into 128 Kbps throwaway files, go nuts.

Apple most trusted US brand
George Tenet describes it as a "slam dunk"!

How to Play Windows Media Files
Click the "Play" button.

Will Amazon Filch a Slice of Apple's Pie or Simply Bake Its Own
I'm going to take a stand here. It will certainly be one or the other.

OK, I could do this all day. Must. stop.

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