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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

iPhone headline fun

What the heck. The iPhone mania stuff is just hilarious.

Apple builds hype for iPhone with less
Yeah, Apple's known for really dialing it back when it comes to hype.

Polls indicate millions covet the iPhone
Hey, polls indicated that Al Gore won the 2000 election too.

Mass Consumer Adoption of the iPhone Not a Certainty, IDC Survey Finds
Ask again later.

Who Wants the iPhone?

Gartner to IT: Avoid Apple's iPhone
I just thank God someone was here to step in and prevent another business from making yet another spur of the moment technology purchase.

Apple may profit from wide deployment of multi-touch screens
Just like they profited from the wide deployment of PC-based GUIs.

Apple has until midnight tonight to respond to antitrust charges filed in April by the European Commission against the company and four major record labels
If I know Apple like I think I do, their response will be a middle finger aimed at Europe. No, that's not really a joke, sorry.

YouTube Live Coming to iPhone on June 29
And you thought everything on the iPhone was going to be high quality.

Verizon CEO: No need for iPhone killer
Seriously, we were planning on going out of business anyway.

iPhone battery testing methods revealed
The same as with MacBooks: Measure results and multiply by two.

Opera Bashes the iPhone
Unlike Mozilla, they're handling the snub with grace. Oh, wait.

4 Reasons Why the iPhone is Underhyped
We. Love. Apple. So. Much. Oh wait, that's five.

Headed in the opposite direction of Apple's iPhone

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone
There, I said it thrice.

What if I don't want YouTube on my iPhone?
Exactly. And thank you for just saying that.

Why Nintendo Games Could Come To The iPhone
Because YouTube isn't useless enough?

Finally, I have a question. How do I hook up the iPhone to a Cinema Display?

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