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Friday, June 08, 2007

Some people wanna fill the world with silly headlines

Because it's Friday and I'm adult enough to be frisky without having to call anyone a jackass.

Get ready for the summer of Apple: Apple is preparing for one of the most pivotal summers in its history
Yeah, this is way bigger than 1984.

Remove personal data from iTunes Plus DRM-free tracks
Buy them from

Is Apple About to Bundle the Google Webtop Into Every Mac?

Related: A .Mac-Google Apps integration makes sense
It would make more sense for Apple to just kill .Mac.

Apple Inc. 'Get a Mac' Named the Most Successful Marketing Campaign of 2007
Define success: Apple raised Mac market share from 2.4 percent to 2.49 percent in the first quarter of 2007.

Apple readying aluminium iMac?
Now it will look as expensive as it costs.

Everybody knows PCs are cheaper than Macs, right? Wrong! (At least sometimes.)
Seriously, Scot. I'm excited you're finally figuring out the Mac. Please realize, however, that the rest of the world was up on this stuff a year ago.

Will the iPhone be undone by its keyboard?

Apple Culture vs. Microsoft Culture
At least Apple has culture.

Mr Anonymous says the iPhone keyboard is crap: quick, write a column!
I'm refreshing Daring Fireball in eager anticipation.

Google promises mobile software platform to challenge Windows
Just search for the application you want and try to ignore the banner ads.

Think you have tennis elbow? It may be 'Wiiitis'
Like we needed one more reason to avoid the Wii.

Yahoo Posts Exploit Fix for Messenger Flaws
It's an installer for Windows Live Messenger.

Xandros CEO doesn't agree that Linux violates patents
And yet he just agreed to pay Microsoft repeatedly for each violation of said patents.

Book exec steals Google laptops to "teach lesson" about theft
This one doesn't even require a rejoinder. Bravo.


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