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Monday, July 30, 2007

Fun with headlines, leaving for Paris edition

I'm heading to Paris tonight so I'm going to be offline for the next day I guess. And though it's only been a few days since the last one, what the heck, let's have a bit of headline fun to relieve the stress:

Despite glitches and a security warning, iPhones faring well
Sounds a bit like Windows Vista.

iPhone Battery Target of Class-Action Suit
Doesn't even a single iPhone battery have to fail before this can happen?

iTweet: best Twitter client for the iPhone yet
Which is like describing the best fork for eating crap when you think about it.

The iPhone may have corporate applications, down the road
And I may sprout fairy wings and start writing for MacDailyNews. Anything is possible.

The Apple Store Can Get You Your iPhone Fix[ed] in 24 Hours
They'll even answer your calls while its in the shop.

Woz backs internet video start-up
Which is great, because everything he's backed since the Apple II has been a huge success.

Gates sees no Google threat in phone software
Fortunately, he's retiring next year. I'm sure Microsoft's stock will recover. Eventually.

Future iPhones could share data over non-GSM channels
And I could sprout fairy wi... You get the drill.

iPhone buzz hits new high on weekend stories
Instead of reviewing the product, we'll just focus on the buzz. You know, like Us Magazine for nerds.

It's the long-term iPhone sales figures that matter
And I'm sure you'll remember that when Apple announces it has sold X million copies of Leopard within X number of days, Mr. Putting It All In Perspective.

Why Is It So Hard to Be Easy?
I'll ask your sister. Oh, come on. That one wrote itself.

iPhone-like keyboard for the Nokia N800
What we really need is a T-Mobile Wing-like keyboard for the iPhone. No, seriously. We really do.

Apple's Not-So Excellent European Adventure
Hopefully my own goes a bit more smoothly.


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