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Sunday, July 22, 2007

It's Official: Zune Hits (and Exceeds) One Million Mark

Zune Insider:
[On July 19] on the earnings call, Microsoft announced that Zune has achieved our goal of one million units sold in, as well as Microsoft earning over $50 billion in annual revenue. We actually went above and beyond our goal: we sold 1.2 million units.
LOL. Well, there you go. Does this mean Zune sales are "better than expected," given the 1 million prediction? Eh? Eh?

Update: So if you read the comments section on that Zune Insider post, you'll discover that... there are actually Zune supporters out there. It's unclear from the discussion whether all of them work for Microsoft and/or whether every single Zune owner actually posted a reply to that thread, but honestly, that's just messed up. :)

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