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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More fun with headlines

Market overreacts to iPhone sales news
Hey, it's only fair. Tomorrow, they'll overreact to Apple's quarterly results too.

'Huge' hole found in Fox News server
It's the truthiness hole.

Mozilla admits Firefox is flawed just like IE
But Firefox is so much more extensible.

Get Ready for all the “iPhone Failes” reports…
Hopefully they'll spell it correctly.

The IPhone Verdict Is In: It's Finger-Clickin' Good
No offense, but that picture of your kids is a) creepy, and b) bordering on child abuse.

iPhone: First Impressions - Part 9 of 10
You know, after 9 parts, they're no longer "first impressions."

Performa 6300 'the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship'
Seriously, get a girlfriend.

Quanta Said to Have Acquired Orders From Apple for New Models of iPhone
Look, it's the Loch Ness Monster!

Safari use drops in June
You can measure Safari usage?

Levelling Up a Mac Mini
It's called an iMac.

70% of Zune owners will switch to iPod, iPhone
What's 70 percent of 7?
Or... Yeah, and 33 percent of Americans want an iPhone. Snork.

Your boss is spying on you right now. What can you do about it?
Drop your pants?

iPhone Death Watch Because we care, we have figured out the exact moment your cherished toy's battery will kick the bucket.
Just a guess, but it should happen one day after iPhone 2.0 is released.


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