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Friday, August 31, 2007

Fun with Headlines, Hazy Hot and Humid Edition

Embracing the hypocrisy because its the end of August and stuff.

NBC Universal ends contract with Apple's iTunes
Apple's a jerk!

iTunes Store To Stop Selling NBC Television Shows
No, NBC is the jerk!

iMac, Therefore I Am...
... a tool? An Apple toadie? Both?

Will Your Future iPod Store 30,000 movies
Will your future headlines be grammatically correct?

iWork '08: The Next Step in Apple's SMB Push?
OMG, we should totally wake up the one guy at Apple who's working on that! Or at least Tom Yager.

An Artist Asks: Mac or Windows?
Because we often ask artists for buying advice.

Mac OS X Leopard vs Microsoft Windows Vista
In which Chris Pirillo desperately begs for hits.

Is the iPhone a serious device for business?
Nope. A week later, it still isn't.

Gadget review: Mac mini Core 2 Duo
Apparently, they were shocked to discover Apple was still making it too.

iLounge: An Open Letter to NBC re: Leaving Apple's iTunes Store
Let me guess. He takes Apple's side.

Why many Wintel support people dislike Apple
I'll go out on a limb and say it's a combination of the lies and the fanatics. Oh, you said support people.

Microsoft settles IE patent dispute with Eolas
A true deal with the devil.

Disagreement Over End of Microsoft Oversight
Guys, guys. Even serial killers can be reintegrated into society. What's the big debate here exactly? Oh, right.

RIM shares rise on Microsoft takeover rumour
Someone still loves those mini keyboards, I guess.

Dell profit up 46 percent due to cheaper components
They're innovating their way to a turnaround.

Are service packs really passe?
No, but they could be passé.


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