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Monday, August 27, 2007

The unholy Apple/AT&T alliance has been undone, but iPhone is still a waste of money

Tom Yager at InfoWorld:
If your biggest gripe with Apple's flagship media player is that it refuses to make voice or data calls on anything but AT&T's wireless network, you're officially free. But the price of freedom, in this case, is either a very steady hand and soldering iron, or a willingness to send money to Australia in exchange for a "Turbo SIM," delivery date unknown. Of the two methods, I prefer the third: Buy a real phone. Following an exhaustive comparison of alternatives, I have overwhelming backing for my early conclusion that iPhone is vastly outmatched by several devices in its price class.
There have been a lot of stories over the past few days about various successes unlocking the iPhone so that it works on non-AT&T cell phone networks. I picked this one because I'm amused that the "Enterprise Mac" (enjoy the oxymoron) guy at InfoWorld doesn't like the iPhone. I mean, both the Mac and iPhone are equally unsuited for the enterprise. Why not an "Enterprise iPhone" column? If you're going to be the crazy guy, you might has well just go for it.

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