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Monday, September 17, 2007

More iPhone/iTunes ringtone silliness

So Apple has finally posted a page on the iTunes Store that explains the all-too-complicated and restricted process by which iPhone customers can make (and pay twice for) ringtones. Here's what it looks like:





But what's that I spy at the bottom right of the page? Yep, it's some ringtones Apple has synced with their iPhone: "Imperial March" (John Williams, from "The Empire Strikes Back," an excellent song for a ringtone), and "Like a Rolling Stone," presumably the Bob Dylan version, since Apple CEO Steve Jobs is such a huge Dylan fan:



Let's go find them in the iTunes Store and make some ringtones!


First... Imperial March, er ah... hmmm....



Curious. It's not available as a ringtone. Now why would Apple use that in their example? Surely, we'll have better luck with the Dylan song. I mean, Jobs loves Dylan.





This time, you can actually buy a song with that name, assuming you want the versions by The Rascals, The Young Rascals, or Dino, Desi, and Billy. And who the heck wouldn't?


Long story short, this whole ringtones thing remains a joke one week later. Obviously.

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